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hello rioter!

We hope you have had a wonderful start to your 2024! Thank you once again for signing up to be a part of our Newsletter.

This year, we will be writing monthly newsletters so you are able to stay up to date and engaged with The Riot! Here is a recap of the things The Riot Team has been planning the last couple of months…


While the Riot Team has not hosted any in person events YET this year, (We know you miss us!) The Riot Team has been organizing to restructure and plan out events for 2024! Here is a sneak peek at what we’ve been up to: 


  1. NRO: 

    In January, we hosted our 2nd New Rioter Orientation (NRO) and welcomed 14 new members to the Riot Team! We are so excited and grateful to work and create with yall  <3
  2. Midnight Media Club Kickoff:

    The Riot Team introduced the Midnight Media Club with the first meeting to happen THIS month! The Midnight Media Club is going to be a dedicated space to foster understanding and address social justice issues through community discussions. Through various mediums of media and programming, the club seeks to empower individuals in meaningful conversations and encourage positive social change. Going into February, known for a month of love, the club decided to start with arguably one of the most pivotal Black women in writing about romance, intimacy, friendship, and love. We hope to tackle bell hooks’ transformative book “All About Love” alongside hooks’ documentary “Cultural Criticism and Transformation” to discuss love within a capitalistic society, the power of love, and how our culture can shift as we learn how to properly love each other. 
  3. Incorporation:

    We are officially incorporated in the state of Indiana! This is the first step in the process of becoming an official nonprofit with 501(c)(3) status. This is exciting because it will open Midnight Riot up to opportunities to expand our work and membership base. We plan to launch an entire campaign to support Midnight Riot on the pathway to becoming a nonprofit, so stay tuned! 😉