Midnight Riot

Meet the Rioters

Midnight Riot was founded as a voluntary collective of students, activists, artists, and regular folks passionate about getting involved within their communities.

Indianapolis Riot

Midnight Riot has hit Naptown! Our Rioters have been able to expand their sustainability efforts to Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Learn more about our history, Indianapolis team, and upcoming community volunteer events.

Founding Chapter

Atlanta Riot

 As the founding chapter of our nonprofit, our Atlanta community stands as a testament to the power of community and collective action. With determination in their hearts and gloves on their hands, volunteers converge to tackle the city’s litter problem, one piece at a time. 

Virtual Members

Interested in joining Midnight Riot but don’t live in one of our focus areas? You can still be involved with the Riot!

We hosts virtual Team and General Body Meetings monthly on Tuesday’s at 6pm and committee meetings vary!

How to Become a Rioter

Steps to Become a Rioter...

Get involved with the Riot via one of our local Chapters or attend monthly virtual meetings. Simply fill out an application and we’ll let you know the next steps.

What Does it Mean to be a Part of Midnight Riot?

Being a part of Midnight Riot means having the unique opportunity to connect with your communities, creating spaces to learn, grow, and collaborate. We believe in fostering inclusive environments that celebrate diverse voices and perspectives, making Midnight Riot more than just a non-profit—it’s a vibrant community where everyone is valued and empowered to make a difference.