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Join Atlanta Volunteers for Monthly Nonprofit Events Focused on Community, Art, and Sustainability.

Midnight Riot hosts regular community cleanup initiatives within the AUC and West End communities. We aim to highlight the environmental inequity that these communities experience and introduce Atlanta volunteers to the importance of green infrastructure in practice.

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Our founding chapter has launched multiple volunteer initiatives across Georgia. Since launching, we’ve reached West End, Vine City, English Ave, and more with community cleanups and education events.

Midnight Riot was first conceptualized during the George Floyd protests during which impassioned participants were labeled as rioters. Our founders wanted to take back ownership of what protesting and rioting looks like, giving birth to Midnight Riot. Through the initial voluntary community clean-up in 2021, Midnight Riot found its nonprofit focus and expanded to become a service-based opportunity endorsed by the Bonners Office of Spelman College.

In the following years, the Midnight Riot team increased engagement in local political systems, neighborhood association meetings, and community conversations. Our team sought to learn from the long-term residents of focus areas to understand the root causes and prevalence of systemic issues related to environmental inequity. Help Midnight Riot advance sustainability practices through clean-up initiatives and urban forestry initiatives, and get involved today!

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Atlanta Lead Coordinator

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Atlanta Lead Coordinator

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